IF you are a cyclist, then you should read this…..


From 1 January 2015, the road rules changed for cyclists as follows:

• a cyclist may ride across a zebra crossing as long as they come to a complete stop before doing so. They will then have to proceed slowly and safely, give way to any pedestrians on the crossing and keep to the left of any oncoming cyclists and people using personal mobility devices.

• a cyclist may choose whether or not they wish to ride in a bicycle lane where a bicycle lane is provided. Please note that cyclists are not obliged to use a bicycle lane.

• cyclists do not have to ride on the far left side of the road on a single lane roundabout. They will be allowed to ride on any part of the road appropriate for their point of exit on single lane roundabouts.
Minimum Passing Distance

A reminder that on 7 April 2014, the road rules changed in regards to motorists passing cyclists.
These changes included:

• a minimum passing distance between a motorist and cyclist of at least 1 metre in a 60km/hr or less speed zone;

• a minimum passing distance between a motorist and cyclist of at least 1.5 metres in a speed zone over 60km/hr.
Other road rules have also been changed to allow motorists to cross centre lines, straddle lane lines or drive on painted traffic islands to make it easier for them to pass cyclists, when it is safe to do so.

This change will be trialled for 2 years to test how the 1m and 1.5m minimum passing distance works in practice and will be reviewed in or about April 2016.

Breaches of any road rules carries a fine. Fines for cyclists have been increased to match the fines for a motorist.