At RaZor Legal, we are passionate about providing good results for the everyday person.

Meet the people below who will be looking after your case….

Renee Zackeresen, Principal Director

“You Have Enemies? GOOD that means you’ve stood up for Something, sometime in your life”.  Winston Churchill

Renee began her career in the legal industry as a young 17 year old in 1994 and quickly progressed from being a conveyancing clerk to becoming a senior legal practitioner.

Renee possesses qualities that people look for in a strong capable lawyer such as being highly experienced and skilled in her areas of expertise, a great listener and communicator, the support she provides her clients and she is passionate about what she does, that is doing good work for good people.

Renee is passionate about the law – in fact she is sometimes referred to as a law geek. Renee will be seen every morning in her office with a coffee reading the current cases and legislation. She is always on top of the latest information and can easily find the answers to most problems.

In her spare time, Renee will often be found reading books and watching movies (law related of course), having coffee with friends and walking her two dogs.


• Bachelor of Legal and Justice Studies
• Bachelor of Laws
• Justice of the Peace (Qual)
• High Court Practising Certificate


  • Australian Lawyers Alliance (as both a member, Qld Branch Committee member and National Disability Insurance Special Interest Group Executive Committee Member)
  • Queensland Law Society


Gregory Englhofer

Business Development Consultant

Gregory is the director of Concise Reporting and has worked in the legal profession doing support services for the past 11 years. Concise Enterprises Pty Ltd caters to Brisbane’s Personal Injury Law Firms. He also is Director/Owner of 247Vitality Pty Ltd which specializes in sports supplements.

Gregory has seen over 6000 clients, being involved from initial client interviews to claims investigations. His main role was making clients feel at ease with the upcoming legal process and explaining it to them in laymen terms.

“My role at Razor Legal is to create and implement operational procedures that deliver the firm’s products and services with empathy and consideration. I believe the client is more than a file number and every client should get individual attention that satisfies there needs. I am driven by the desire to create workflow processes so that the legal team is free to get on with delivering outstanding legal services.”

Gregory’s extensive Management experience spans a range of industries including; I.T. and Web Design, Sports Nutrition and Supplements, Import Export, Manufacturing and Legal.

He loves being outdoors; basketball, travelling, and exploring the back roads and beaches of Queensland on his motorbikes.

• Bachelor of Engineering (Mech)
• Entrepreneurial Skill Set, setting up businesses since 2004
• Martial Arts Instructor – 30 years experience