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At RaZor Legal, for those clients who wish to make a claim for personal injury or a TPD/Superannuation Claim, we will conduct these files on a “No Win No Fee’ Basis.

‘No win, no fee’ means you will only be charged a fee once the injury claim is settled in your favour. We will fund the initial costs associated with investigating your personal injury claim.

Common Questions:

What is the 50% rule?

The Legal Profession Act 2007 requires law firms who perform work on a No Win No Fee basis in relation to a personal injury claim, to restrict on how we can charge you, the client, for our professional fees.

This restriction is called the “50% Rule” or “50/50 Rule”. This is calculated as:

$Gross Settlement Amount – ($Statutory Refunds + $Disbursements) / 2 = $maximum professional fees.

This means that no firm can claim more than 50% of your net settlement payout.

How are your fees calculated?

Our fees are charged at a competitive rate lower than the major law firms throughout Brisbane. These rates differ depending on skill level, experience and qualification levels of the person handling your case.

We have our fees cost assessed by an independent cost assessor to ensure we are charging a fair and reasonable amount according to law.

Is my client agreement different from a normal client agreement?

Queensland law requires that all of our clients enter into a client agreement with us. This agreement clearly defines what we will do for you and what we expect of you. We are happy to provide you with a copy of the agreement to review in advance, but are unable to progress your matter until we have a signed agreement.

RaZor Legal – passionate advocates of the ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangement.