The key Values that define us as an organisation and guide our behaviour and growth are:

  • Respect: We are committed to building and maintaining an environment in which we respect each other, in terms of talents, personal qualities and differences. We appreciate diversity in thinking and share what we know.
  • Walk the talk: leading by example and showing the way
  • Service Delivery: We strive to provide our clients with a timely and efficient service whilst meeting their needs and budget.
  • Honesty and Empathy: We are upfront but empathetic in our communications with our clients. We will not hide or mislead our clients.
  • Communicate clearly: We will at all times communicate clearly with our clients to ensure that they are fully informed.
  • Integrity: We will always conduct ourselves in a thoroughly professional and ethical manner.


Our vision is to be recognised amongst the client community and legal community as the leading Brisbane based law firm in Queensland delivering customised personal service to our clients whilst achieving justice for people who have suffered in some way due no fault of their own.


Our mission is to provide personal legal services to clients in Queensland who want a customised and personal approach.  We will continue to achieve the best result possible for our clients every time in a timely and efficient manner whilst meeting our clients’ expectations.